HERE AHEAD – Academy for Higher Education Access Development

The Academy for Higher Education Access Development - HERE AHEAD is a cooperation of the universities of the state of Bremen as well as the Center for Foreign Languages Bremen. It develops and realizes outstanding programs for preparing international students for the demands of university life in Bremen and Bremerhaven. Our team knows the challenges that come with studying in Germany - especially for international students. We offer counselling, preparation and mentoring.


Our programs are designed for different groups of students. Language and curricular preparation are always the focus points.


Do you have any questions concerning our programs? Please don't hesitate to contact us.

HERE AHEAD – An Academy for an international Bremen

Bremen and Bremerhaven are cosmopolitan and international cities. More than 3.000 of our students are from all over the world. Our universities do not demand tuition fees. To study in Bremen and Bremerhaven means to become an important part of an international, creative and ambitious community.


HERE AHEAD – Academy for Higher Education Access Development  is a cooperation of the universities of the Federal State of Bremen. The language courses are planned and conducted by the qualified and renowned language teachers of CASA - Internationale Sprachschule. The preparation programs of the Academy offer language courses up to C1, seminars on extra-curricular key qualifications like intercultural training, academic writing and literature reseach as well as - if neccessary - the preparation to the university access qualification exam.


The close collaboration and constant communication with the Senator for Science stimulate the conceptional development of the Academy. The funding of the Academy by the Federal State of Bremen secures its continuity. Bremen thereby serves as a springboard for global talents into the Higher Educaton Institutions of Bremen and Bremerhaven.