HERE Studies – Preparational Studies for Refugees

:here studies prepares refugees for university studies in Bremen and Bremerhaven. It offers language and study preparation courses and is designed to provide a foundation for successfull university studies.


The application for a course start in July will be possible until May 1 2023.


For a complete application you need a Vorprüfungsdokumentation by uni-assist, a TestAS certificate or a confirmation that you will take part in the Test AS on 22 April 2023 and a German A2 certificate.


In case that uni-assist certifies that you have a direct university entrance you can also apply with a proof that you will participate in the TestAS 3 June 2023.


For an application please klick here.



Learn German and Discover our Universities

Studierende auf dem Campus © Matej Meza/Universität Bremen

Reading scientific texts, writing seminar papers, communicate in an academic world. :here studies offers German language up to level C1 and fundamental and subject-specific preparation. You will learn German in small groups trained by highly qualified teachers. Beside that you will gain in workshops key-qualifications like literature research, scientific writing and time management. :here studies is exclusivly for refugees. If you have further questions please feel free to contact us. We speak German, English, Arabic.



What does HERE Studies offer?

For admission to studies you need a solid language preparation. German language on the level of C1 is the starting point for successfull studies.

  • Counselling service for studies in Bremen and Bremerhaven
  • German language A1 to C1
  • Subject specific preparation
  • Methodological preparation
  • Preparation for the Bremen Universities Entrance Exam
  • Plausibility check for missing educational documention

Who can participate?

  • Refugees with at least a higher secondary degee that allows admission to German universities

Refugees that have already obtained a master degree are not  eligible to apply.

  • Refugees residing in Bremen and Bremerhaven and  the Landkreise (counties) Ammerland, Aurich, Wesermarsch, Cloppenburg, Cuxhaven, Diepholz, Leer, Nienburg, Oldenburg, Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Rotenburg/Wümme, Stade, Vechta, Verden, Westerstede, Wittmund sowie den kreisfreien Städten Delmenhorst, Oldenburg, Wilhelmshaven
  • 1. Online Registration

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    Within the process of your application you have to decide for particular cluster. Here you'll find lists showing which Cluster includes which study program:

    Cluster GKG = Humanities, the Arts and social sciences
    Cluster MIN = Mathematics, computer science and sciences
    Cluster WIWI = Economics
    Cluster ING = Engineering

  • 2. TestAS

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    Test for Academic Studies

    TestAS is a central standardised aptitude test for foreign students. That can be done in German or English language. TestAS gives prospective students information about their individual ranking compared to other applicants. TestAS is crucial for admission to :here studies. In case of admission to the :here studies the costs can be refunded.



    Check out the sample questions on the TestAS website.


    Ukrainian refugees can register for the digital campus of the DAAD and pass the TestAS for free.


    TestAS is conducted in German or English. For a reasonable result, we recommend a language level of at least B1.

  • 3. uni-assist Evaluation

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    uni-assist evaluates if your qualification provides you higher education access. You need this evaluation as well as TestAS to apply for HERE Studies.  You have to upload school and university certificates, also translated into German or English by a sworn translator.


    At uni assist you have to choose Universität Bremen and as course of study one of the the following


    • :here GKG
    • :here ING
    • :here MIN
    • :here WIWI

    You will receive a "Vorprüfungs-Dokumentation" (VPD) = Evaluation by uni-assist.This takes about 6 weeks time.  If you have this already for the University of Bremen not older than 1 year you do not need  to do this a second time.


    In case you don't have any school leaving or university certificates, please contact us. We'll try to find for you to enter university.


    Step by step to the application at uni assist e.V.

    Our manuals (pdf) will guide you through the process on how to apply for a VPD at uni assist:

    Manual in English

    Manual in German

    Manual in Arabic

    Manual in Persian

    Manual in Turkish

    Documents for uni assist


  • 4. Admission

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    The ranking for admission is based the TestAS results and places availiable. The steering commission is responsible for the selection.

  • 5. Course Start – HERE Studies

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    The next xourse start will be in July 2023. You can apply until 1 May 2023.


    For a complete application, the VPD (Vorprüfungsdokumentation) by uni assist e.V. and a TestAS  are required. For the VPD please find our guideline here. In case that you need to attend a Studienkolleg you need at least 190 points in the TestAS.


  • 6. Deadlines


    Deadlines for the application for a course start in April 2023:

    The Vorprüfungsdokumentation by uni-assist has to be submitted until 15th January 2023.

    The result of the TestAS has to be submitted until 15th February 2023.


    Deadlines for the application for a course start in July 2023:

    The Vorprüfungsdokumentation by uni-assist has to be submitted until 31 May 2023.

    The result of the TestAS has to be submitted until 31 May 2023

What does :here studies cost?

The :here studies courses are free of charge. During the preparation Refugees can recieve financial support by social security offices. For details please contact the appropriate office .

There are some foundations who support refugees for studies.

Which Universities in Bremen will take in :here studies candidates?

After completing :here studies the following Universities in Bremen and Bremerhaven will take in our students:

What is the content of the program?

:here studies contain three major areas: Language learning, :here Mentoring and extracurricular courses as well as curricular courses preparing for the chosen study program.


The German language is the core skill and - depending on your start level - probably will be the largest part of your preparation. Beside the in class courses extra activities will be provided by the Language Center SZHB.

The HERE Mentoring provides regional and cultural studies, general information on the program and the universities. Additionally you will take part in intercultural trainings and seminars on study technics.

All courses are mandatory and :here studies is a full time program.