Refugees with an academic background as guests at the universities in Bremen

What does :in-touch offer?

:in-touch participants have the chance to get familiar with the Universities in Bremen, build up connections and can make use of university ressources like


  • Libraries
  • University network account
  • Language learning facilities at the language center


What are the requirements?

You must have studied at a university before and possess reasonable language skills in German or English.

Interested? Feel free to contact us.


Office Hours:

MON 13 - 15




Students in auditorium


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About :in-touch

As the first institutions in Europe, the University of Bremen opened its doors for refugees in April 2014. Very soon, the other universities in Bremen joined the :in-touch program and the idea spread over Germany and other European countries. The European Comission labeled :in-touch as "Good Practice" for integration.

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