Scholarship Announcement for the Omid Farda Scholarship

A scholarship by the Academy HERE AHEAD and the University of Bremen for Afghan students at risk.


The Omid Farda Scholarship enables Afghan students at risk to continue their Bachelor or Master studies in Bremen, Germany.

The application period starts on May 5, 2022 and ends on June 5, 2022.


For all tender criteria and application requirements, please refer to the official scholarship announcement (in German ) and the award guidelines (in German).


Award guideline in German

Scholarship announcement in German


Scholarship announcement in English

Award guideline in English



Please use this application form for the Omid Farda scholarship. Applications via email or instagram cannot be taken into consideration.


Aim of the Scholarship

This scholarship is designed for students at risk from Afghanistan who cannot  continue their Bachelor or Master studies in Afghanistan due to the political situation. The Persian "Omid Farda" means "hope for tomorrow" and not only gives the scholarship its name but also names the aim of the scholarship: To continue a Bachlor or Masterprogram after participating in the foundation study program in Bremen.

Who is allowed to apply?

Afghan students:

  • who live in Afghanistan during the application period,
  • who have not yet reached the age of 30 years,
  • whose furture study program is within the portfolio of the state-run universities of the Federal State of Bremen,
  • who credibly assure that they want to continue their Bachelor or Master studies,
  • who show their need of support according to §4 of the award guideline,
  • whose Bachelor degree is not older than 5 years and
  • who can proof their direct or indirect university entrance certificate (meaning a document that shows that the applicant has the permission to study in Afghanistan)

Family and personal circumstances (e.g. care of close family members, chronic illnesses, raising children, etc.) as well as, in particular, honorary activities or a social, societal, and/or (university) political democratic commitment are also taken into account when evaluating the applications.


The scholarship includes the opening of a blocked account for study purposes (10.332 Euro) as well as costs for application, bank account and travel expenses.

When can I hand in the application

The application can be handed in from May 5 to June 5, 2022. All complete applications will be viewed and evaluated by a inter-university committee. This committee will choose the 10 scholarship holders.


The chosen scholarship holders will be informed by the end of June, 2022.


Please note!

For further question please only contact:

Emails send to other mail addresses will not be answered but deleted immediately.

Application criteria for the Omid Farda Scholarship

You must provide evidence of this need (§ 4 of the award guideline)

  • your current address in Afghanistan,
  • describe your current situation of threat,
  • proof that you are unable to open a blocked account needed for a visa for study purposes in Afghanistan, due to the political situation and
  • upload your proof of enrollment and study evidence of your Bachelor or Master study program in Afghanistan.

Needed uploads

please collect the following documents before applying

  • copy of your currently valid ID
  • School leaving or university certificates, certifications, certificate of enrollment, study evidences
  • curriculum vitae, with references if applicable
  • proof of reason for demand according to § 4 (see critieria on the left)
  • if applicable: proof of suspension of studies
  • if applicable: proof and description of special personal and family cirumstances
  • if applicable: proof of volunteer work, social, societal or (university)political commitment