Warning of possible fraud attempts!

Currently there are scam mails offering scholarships in circulation!


Have you been asked to pay fees to payment service providers in order for your scholarship application to be processed?


Please note that it is possible that fake letters or emails are being circulated that contain a request for payment.


How can I recognize a fraud attempt?

Please check in each case whether it is a legitimate request. The University of Bremen will never contact you via social media or messaging services regarding official matters. Payment requests always only refer to the semester fees and will only be sent after admission to the study program. Payment requests always state only the bank details of the university, which are also mentioned on the website.
Official emails from the university come exclusively from emails ending with @uni-bremen.de or @vw.uni-bremen.de.


If you have further questions please contact jens.kemper@vw.uni-bremen.de






Scholarship Announcement for the Omid Farda Scholarship

The scholarship holders have been chosen and contacted



We are happy to announce that the commitee has decided and selected the scholarship holders.

We have contacted the chosen scholarship holders via e-mail. If you have not received an e-mail you have unfortunately not been chosen. Thank you for your understanding that we are unable to contact each and every one of the more than 5,500 applicants directly. Individual questions - either via mail or phone or on the instagram account - concerning the reasons for not beeing selected cannot be answered by the team.

We keep our fingers crossed for all of you! All the best!

Team Academy HERE AHEAD